Same Day Dentist in Columbia

Same Day Dentist in Columbia

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For a dentist in Columbia who is conscientious about your comfort and time, make River Oaks Advanced Dentistry, your choice for all of your dentistry needs. Welcoming patients to come and receive highly personalized oral healthcare, you will be in excellent hands whether you are interested in making over your smile, replacing missing teeth, or require the highest quality restorative services. As your same day dentist in Columbia, you can rest assured that Dr. Mollie Duke will take special care to help you achieve your treatment goals, keeping you well-informed all the while.

When it comes to restorative dental care, your same day dentist in Columbia employs the latest technology to make your treatment as comfortable and quick as possible. With dentistry now in the digital age, your dentist can fabricate beautiful, permanent custom crowns for your tooth in as little as a single visit! The secret to this process involves some of the latest computer imaging technology. By taking a digital impression of your mouth, the most suitable and cosmetically appealing proportions of your crown can be designed with the utmost precision. Once digitally designed, the blueprint for your beautiful, new CEREC crown restoration is milled from the highest dental grade materials, right in the office! Many patients love coming in to see this amazing technology at work, but the real benefit comes from the convenience it affords. The need for a temporary crown while you wait several weeks for your permanent restoration to arrive in the mail? Eliminated. Yes, with CEREC crowns, you will be ready to start smiling again in as little time as a single visit!

If you are in need of restorative care, your same day dentist in Columbia is an exceptional resource. From CEREC crowns to the most beautiful tooth colored fillings, modern bridges, dental implants, and more, make River Oaks Advanced Dentistry, your choice for dental care in the area. To schedule your next visit, call today!

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